100+ top designers take Apple’s side in fight vs Samsung


Samsung has Silicon Valley on its team, but Apple has big name designers.
Photo: Jim Merithew

Legendary Braun designer Dieter Rams has joined forces with 110 other distinguished industrial design professionals to support Apple in its long standing fight with Samsung for copying the design of the iPhone.

The group of designers have filed a amicus briefing with the US Supreme Court arguing that Apple deserves the millions of dollars it was originally awarded in court because of the company’s innovative look that let to 1 billion units sold.

Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Norman Foster, Sir Paul Smith and even former Samsung designer Gordon Bruce are among the list of designers who have signed the filing. Other individuals on the list have done design work at places such as NASA, Ford, IBM, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Target, Lenovo and Polaroid.

Apple’s battle with Samsung dates back to 2011 when the company sued it for patent infringements related to the iPhone and iPad. A jury awarded Apple $548 million in 2012 for the infringements, but Samsung has appealed all the way to the Supreme Court that $399 million of that total is excessive.

You can read the full briefing below:

Design Professionals Amicus Brief 8-2-16 v3 by Buster Heine on Scribd