Designer AirPods cases look just like tiny purses


purse-like AirPods case
The Bottega Veneta case retails for $560.
Photo: Bottega Veneta

Some of the world’s top handbag designers feel strongly that your AirPods case could use a little help.

Purses for AirPods appear to be a growing sector of the fashion accessories market and all the big names are in it, like Gucci, Dior, Bottega and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

Steve Jobs asked Louis Vuitton boss for advice on opening first Apple Stores


Louis Vuitton
The Louis Vuitton Store at Champs-Elysées, Paris.
Photo: Jean-Louis Zimmermann/Flickr CC

As you might expect, Steve Jobs had a pretty darn impressive Rolodex — and he was willing to draw on it to seek advice whenever he needed it.

According to a new interview with Louis Vuitton chief Bernard Arnault, Jobs turned to him shortly after rejoining Apple to ask Arnault’s opinion on Apple-branded stores. The idea seemed crazy at the time, but Jobs saw how well it could work for luxury goods makers.

Louis Vuitton’s new iPhone case is super-expensive, just as ugly


It's made from real crocodile leather.
Photo: Louis Vuitton

When you spend $700 on an iPhone, the last thing you should do is rely on a $5 case to protect it. Instead, let Louis Vuitton coat it in clunky metal and crocodile skin so you never have to worry about scratches and shattered screens.

Just try to ignore the fact that the case is super-expensive — and just as ugly.

100+ top designers take Apple’s side in fight vs Samsung


Samsung has Silicon Valley on its team, but Apple has big name designers.
Photo: Jim Merithew

Legendary Braun designer Dieter Rams has joined forces with 110 other distinguished industrial design professionals to support Apple in its long standing fight with Samsung for copying the design of the iPhone.

The group of designers have filed a amicus briefing with the US Supreme Court arguing that Apple deserves the millions of dollars it was originally awarded in court because of the company’s innovative look that let to 1 billion units sold.

The quest for the perfect leather iPhone wallet case


Edward Field blue Libby
Small-batch iPhone wallet case maker Edward Field gets colorful with its new Libby line.
Photo: Edward Field

SAN FRANCISCO — Teddy Winthrop is into leather. Like, way into it. In the year since he launched Edward Field, his high-end iPhone wallet case company, he’s been obsessing over ways to make his leather cases sleeker, more functional and more straight-up appealing to the humans who use them.

“It’s weird,” he told Cult of Mac while discussing the mission of his company, which launches a new line of products today. “I never thought I’d be passionate about wallets.”

5 gorgeous analog alternatives to suit every Apple Watch budget


It's time for a showdown. Photo: Apple
It's time for a showdown. Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch is a watch in as much as the iPhone is a phone: It bears a resemblance to its titular device, but does so much more as well. That said, Apple’s focus on inviting fashion and watch journalists to yesterday’s “Spring Forward” keynote shows that Cupertino does view its new wearable device as an alternative to analog watches.

Now that we finally have a price tag for all the Apple Watch models, we can compare a few classic alternatives you could strap on your wrist instead. You won’t get the apps, or the ability to beam your heartbeat to a loved one, but if it’s a stylish status symbol you’re after, these are the timepieces the Apple Watch needs to beat.

Check out our picks to see if Jony Ive’s proclamation that Swiss watchmakers are “f*cked” is really true.