Learn how to actually use your fancy new DSLR [Deals]


Digital SLR Photography course
The Digital SLR Photography for Dummies course will make you a better photographer.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Did you buy a DSLR camera without knowing what any of those letters stand for? The modern digital single lens reflex (you’re welcome) camera is a marvelous tool for creative expression, but without a proper introduction you might just find yourself asking, “What’s this button do?”

The Digital SLR Photography for Dummies course is perfect for anybody who wants to really make use of their camera, and right now you can sign up for $35 at Cult of Mac Deals.

This is a comprehensive course that will demystify the workings of your DSLR. With this info in your brain, you can get started dialing in your DSLR to take the kinds of pictures you want to take.

In-depth discussions cover theory and practicalities of taking quality photos, with eight interactive lessons to give you hands-on practice with everything from shutter speeds, ISO and aperture settings to manipulating depth of field and autofocus points, properly using flash, choosing between different lenses and more.

That’s a nice camera you’ve got, start using it to make nice pictures.

Buy now: Get this course in DSLR photography for $35, a whopping 79 percent off the usual price.