Samsung shows us why the iPhone needs an OLED display


Samsung believes the future is OLED.
Samsung believes the future is OLED.
Photo: Samsung

Apple prides itself on delivering the best LCD displays you’ll find in a smartphone, but they pale in comparison to the OLED screens offered by its rivals. Samsung proves that — and shows us why the iPhone needs an OLED display — in the awesome comparison video below.

Samsung has been using “Super AMOLED” displays in its flagship devices for years, and they haven’t always been spectacular. However, as OLED technology has evolved, many consider it to be superior to LCD — especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Not only can OLED displays be more power-efficient, but they can be even more beautiful. As Samsung explains in its “A Day with AMOLED” video below, they can deliver a wider color gamut for brighter and more vibrant images, and greater clarity.

Samsung still gets a bit of criticism for making its displays over-saturated by default, but to the average eye, they’re much prettier than their rivals. According to the experts at DisplayMate, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have the best mobile displays available right now.

This is good news for iPhone fans, with Samsung expected to become a leading supplier of OLED displays for future generations. According to recent reports, Apple will finally make the switch from LCD for the iPhone 8 series in 2017.

  • Everyone’s Horrible 2016

    I repair cracked iPhone screens and oled is great until you crack your screen and have to pay half the cost of the phone to get it repaired. We don’t even really do galaxies because the display costs are exorbitant. An s6 screen costs more than double an iPhone 6 screen.

    • Rocky501

      Sorry to bust your bubble but out of the ten phones I have had, only my three iPhones have broke. I got pretty good at changing them too.

      • KYT

        So you’re saying Samsung screens never crack?

    • Mike

      Huh? iPhone is an LED display and Samsung is the OLED.
      I think the s6 threw some people, you meant the samsung s6 and not the Apple 6S? Correct?

  • Nettie6758

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  • Christopher Lim

    I think the video is meant to be watched vertically on a smartphone to illustrate the potential differences, and might actually be on autoplay at samsung stores, which places phone VERTICALLY.
    And by the way, you can rotate videos and computer screens.

    • M S i N Lund

      You can rotate YouTube now?

      • Christopher Lim

        You can rotate an entire desktop/laptop’s OS to run vertically. And both youtube and facebook and many other video providers now support vertical videos. That is, if the file is actually uploaded as a vertical video, if the file has been uploaded as a black, horizontal video but with the centre having a vertical video, that does not count.

      • Christopher Lim

        Google it, Cult of Mac might not allow me to post the links as the link to competing sites.

      • M S i N Lund


        I see a lot of really “funny” videos, about how to flip your whole monitor over on its side.

        Is that… what you mean?

      • Christopher Lim

        What do you mean “funny”? it’s actually used in industry okay? The vertical setup makes it easier to see portrait style typography, in cases, magazine covers and posters etcetera in actual size while seeing the entire product, it can also be used when editing vertical video, like the ones used on digital advertisement boards, it serves a purpose, and I use it. But I only brought it up to make a point, that you CAN rotate a screen’s orientation on a desktop. And on phones and mobile devices with the youtube app, or facebook, keeping your phone vertical while playing a vertical video file will just let the file play full screen vertically. Below is a link to how to rotate OSX by 90° to have a portrait desktop as well as an image that shows how it works (delete the spaces)

        osxdaily. com /2010 /12/28 /rotate-mac- screen-orientation/

      • M S i N Lund

        Look kid, I already know how to rotate the whole desktop.
        I used to do that, before i got my 40″ screen.
        I’m not going to put that on the side.

        You claimed that the video could be rotated.
        The VIDEO.

        Can it, or not?

      • Christopher Lim
      • M S i N Lund

        And thats what?

      • Christopher Lim
      • M S i N Lund

        You can use the mouse on your Mac, but have zero idea how to rotate that YouTube-video.

        But we already knew that.

  • Mike

    Color accurate ? No! Over saturated? Yes!