Evernote’s unfortunate move makes Notes look better than ever


Did Evernote just shoot itself in the foot?
Photo: Evernote

If you haven’t already ditched Evernote for Apple Notes, now is the time. Changes to the company’s subscription plans mean the basic Evernote account is now next to useless for the vasty majority of users who don’t want to pay up.

What made Evernote so great is that you could use it anywhere. It supported almost every platform and you could sync your notes across multiple devices without paying a penny. But that’s not the case anymore.

Although the basic Evernote account remains, and still allows you to use the service for free, it’s now limited to just two devices per year. That means if you use it on your iPhone and your iPad, you can’t use it on your Mac without paying.

And it doesn’t stop there. The basic account has also had its upload limit reduced to just 60MB per month. That might not be a problem if you only create text notes, but you’re going to notice the cap if you upload documents and images, too.

If you decide to pay for Evernote now, it’s also going to cost you more. The “Plus” account is now priced at $3.99 a month (up from $2.99) or $34.99 a year, while the “Premium” tier has increased to $7.99 a month (up from $5.99) or $69.99 a year.

Time to switch to the newly upgraded Apple Notes

If you only use Apple products, this gives you an even greater reason to switch to Notes. It comes preinstalled with iOS and OS X, and it’s totally free to use — no matter how much you use it. All of your data is synced via your iCloud account to all of your devices.

Notes has also become incredibly powerful with its most recent updates. Just like Evernote, it lets you take notes that include images and links to thinks like maps and webpages. It also allows you to make sketches.

Notes got awesome new features with iOS 9.
Notes got awesome new features with iOS 9.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

You can use a pen, a pencil and a highlighter with one of eight colors, as well as a ruler that will help you create useful diagrams.

The downsides to Notes are that it’s not available on other platforms, and it doesn’t allow you to create notes that have documents (such as PDFs) embedded within them. However, if you don’t require these things, it’s a terrific note-taking app.

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17 responses to “Evernote’s unfortunate move makes Notes look better than ever”

  1. Greg_the_Rugger says:

    ” images and links to thinks like maps”

    As usual at COM.

  2. Ray Cheshire says:

    Having been a loyal evernote user pretty much since it started (Win CE) and add to that a premium user I’m very annoyed at what they’re doing. I’ve just downgraded my subscription to plus whilst I figure out the best way to move things to either apple notes or ms onenote.

  3. gcreedle says:

    I bailed on Evernote Premium a few months ago. The interface is too complex and syncing was unreliable, wiping out changes many times. Looks like I was ahead of the curve.

  4. FultonKBD says:

    Notes used to be terrible at syncing. I lost a lot notes in the past. But Apple seems to have worked out the bugs and I’ve been using it for some stuff over the last year or so. With Evernote making this change I might be relying on Notes even more.

  5. snworf says:

    Notes would be OK if you could password lock a folder of notes instead of being limited to locking individual notes. I also can’t do without the macOS version of Evernote’s menubar ‘quicknote’ feature, notes that stay even after a reboot. Hopefully, that’ll be part of the freemium version come December when my subscription runs out.

  6. makeittalk says:

    I used Evernote for several years but then Microsoft greatly improved the abilities of OneNote. Converted to OneNote and never looked back. Evernote just got stale. OneNote has continued to improve and does all I need. Agreed, Notes is much better now, but not better than OneNote.

    • FultonKBD says:

      My co-worker uses OneNote on her Windows box and likes it. I’ll have to research it a bit more, but assume it’s Mac OS, iOS, and Windows compatible.

      • makeittalk says:

        I have a MS Office 365 subscription for my Mac Pro, MacBook, iPhone and iPad. OneNote is completely seamless across all and yes, it is compatible with Windows as well.

  7. El Fez says:

    I’ve been discouraged with Evernote’s feature bloat the last year or so along with an ever-confusing interface. This device limitation comes at a bad time as I am about to start a new job and was going to use it to sync a 4th device (on-site laptop) with my 2 i-doohickeys and primary desktop system. I’m sure they have researched this upgrade and decided it was worth the leap but it doesn’t come at a good time for me.

  8. Anthony Colletti (ascolletti) says:

    i actually started migrating to notes before this announcement – the announcement just confirms my decision – only if notes had table support

  9. Richard Liu says:

    Is there any extension to clip the webpage content to Notes ? That’s the only reason I’d keep using Evernote.

  10. Glenn Gore says:

    I have now deleted Evernote from my iMac and all iOS devices. It was nice, but sayonara!

  11. Andy Doyle says:

    I use the tags and folders features pretty extensively in Evernote. I haven’t seen any way to recreate that in Note.

  12. karinatwork says:

    Evernote is my document managing app. With the readable PDFs I can find anything, any time. I have a paperless office and Evernote is perfect for that. I don’t use it for notes. I use it to archive pretty much everything. Wouldn’t want to be without it.

  13. The Tallest Dwarf says:

    Still hoping for Devonthink To Go 2. If it works as recently promised and has a decent webclipper, it should be more than enough.

  14. Faith Love says:

    I’ve used Evernote since the beginning for free. I have yet to find a better web clipper out there and I depend heavily on the ability to save articles, pages, graphics, etc, as well as my own documents of all kinds for my research. I figure after all these years for free, $35/yr isn’t going to kill me. That’s less than 10¢/day. Heck, I find more than that in my sofa cushions.

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