iOS 9 security update means more passcode unlocks

iOS 9 security update means more passcode unlocks


There has to be a safer solution.
It's not just in your head.
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If you’ve found yourself entering your passcode more frequently since you updated to iOS 9 — even though you have Touch ID enabled — it’s thanks to Apple’s latest security measures.

In an update to its Security Guide, published this month, the company confirms that iOS 9 will make you enter your passcode if you haven’t used your iPhone or iPad in at least eight hours.

We know now that fingerprint scanners don’t allow us to do away with passcodes completely. Even if you have a device with Touch ID, you will still be asked for your PIN or passcode from time to time — especially after restarting.

But in iOS 9, those prompts became more frequent. You will now be asked for your passcode if your device hasn’t been used within eight hours, or if your device hasn’t been unlocked with a passcode within the last six days.

If you thought you were entering your passcode more since updated to iOS 9, then, it’s not just in your head. Apple’s changes mean your passcode is now required even more, but it is obviously intended to provide your with more protection over your data.

Just as they did before iOS 9, iPhones and iPad with Touch ID will also ask for your passcode after five failed fingerprint recognition attempts, after receiving a remote lock comment from Find My iPhone, after registering new fingerprints, and after being left idle for 48 hours.

Source: Apple

Via: MacWorld