Google Duo is FaceTime for everyone, only better


Google Duo
Google Duo makes cross-platform video calling great.
Photo: Google

Google has its very own answer to iMessage in Allo, and now it’s taking on FaceTime, too. Google Duo is a brand new video calling platform that’s available to Android and iOS users, and it’s packing unique features you won’t find elsewhere.

Google Duo is a cross-platform video calling service just like Skype and plenty of others, but it has been designed to eliminate the limitations you get with all of these.

Duo uses your phone number, so you don’t need to setup a new account, and it’s end-to-end encrypted so there’s no need to worry about snooping. It’s also powered by WebRTC and a new technology called QUIC that promises to make calls more stable.

Duo can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks during calls and you won’t even notice, and it has a great feature called Knock Knock, which lets you see your caller and what they’re doing before you answer.

Just like Allo, Duo will be available this summer on both Android and iOS.