Want to launch a startup? You gotta start somewhere. [Deals]


Startup School

We’ve all heard the stories of angels and unicorns coming out of Silicon Valley, the startups whose clever idea explodes into the next big thing. Startups are a major part of the business landscape, but even its most towering figures started from square one, and right now you can give yourself a map to move a number of squares further than that with this massively Startup School 2016 Bundle. It’s more than 60 hours of technology and business instruction that’ll teach you the ropes of startups, no dorm room required, and right now you can get it for just $49, a full 97% off the normal price.

Study SEO for startups, businesses and bloggers, from the basics to advanced concepts. Learn the features and stages of a successful startup, take a masterclass on digital marketing, learn how Google AdWords works. You’ll be taught how to outsource and maximize efficiency, gain traction in the market you want to tap, master productivity software like Gmail, IFTTT and Virtual, and lots more. By course’s end, you’ll have a headstart on your startup.

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