Apple’s Classroom app for iPad lands on App Store


iOS 9.3 embraces education.
iOS 9.3 embraces education.
Photo: Apple

Apple is putting more tools in the hands of educators today with the official launch of the new Classroom app for iPad that promises to opens up new, more engaging ways of teaching and learning on the iPad.

The new app is part of the new iOS 9.3 education features Apple has added that allow teachers to manage student devices, share work and assignments, as well as track students’ progress to help them stay on track.

“With Classroom, you can easily launch the same app on every student device at the same time or launch a different app for each group of students,” Apple says in the release notes. “Classroom helps teachers focus on teaching so students can focus on learning.”

Multiple students will be able to use the same iPad while making it their own using Classroom. The app can automatically assign students to a Shared iPad they most recently and customize the experience for them. Teachers can use Screen View to see what is on a particular student’s screen, or see an overview of all student iPads at once.

The app also has the ability to share content over Apple TV, launch apps, websites and books, and create groups of students for projects. If you’re a teacher interested in the app, Apple published a getting started guide. The free app can be downloaded now from the App Store.

  • Neil White

    So does anything stop me as a non educational professional installing this. I’d love to give my two kids their own logins?

  • Melanie Calhoun

    Sadly, it requires iOS 9.3. Since my district only allows 8.x.x this is not an option. Also, with BYOD, it is not available on iPhones or non-Apple devices, which limits this non1:1 district. We will stick with Google Classroom and GAfE.