Photos of alleged iPhone 7 dual-lens camera sensor leak


Got a new iPhone? Set it up right.
iPhone 7 might have to cameras in the back
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The first images of what could be the iPhone 7’s dual-lens camera leaked online today, giving fans a possible sneak peek at the future of iPhotography.

Apple is rumored to be including a dual-lens camera sensor on at least the iPhone 7 Plus. If the leaked sensor shown below is the real deal, it appears that one lens will be wider than the other to provide optical zooming.

Check it out:


There are no telltale signs that the sensor is destined for an iPhone other than an “821” prefix on the part number (a numbering scheme Apple has used on previous sensors).

It’s also unclear who manufactured the part. Sony is rumored to be providing Apple’s dual-lens camera sensors, after the company revealed major players in the smartphone market would start to adopt the technology by the end of 2016.
The iPhone 7 isn’t expected to be announced until fall 2016, possibly in September. Other new features may include a new design with fewer antenna bands, no headphone jack, dual speakers, and a slightly thinner body.

Source: Apple Club TW

  • DCJ001

    “iPhone 7 might have to cameras in the back”

    iPhone 7 might have to what?

    • DigitalBeach

      You wouldn’t understand. It’s a secret.

    • In this day and age we still have folks getting their to’s, too’s, and two’s mixed up. On topic though, I can see the iPhone 7 Pro having two camera’s. Especially to add more features over the smaller model. I just hope pricing options remain the same as the Plus.

      • Jeff Chapman

        Make that “two cameras” without putting an apostrophe after “camera” and then you can poke fun at bad grammar.

      • Poking fun… no just saying everyone makes mistakes.

    • RyanTV

      The craziest thing is that you put this comment here 11 hours ago, and yet the error remains. I’m guessing that “Editor” at Cult of Mac is merely a job title, and not a function that one actually performs.

  • boyan85

    I noticed that two :P lol

  • Diogo Pires

    Where did you see the “821” prefix?

    • Jeff Chapman

      Maybe it was written in Nigeria?