Apple TV’s new ad animates the future of television


Apps are how you get your content now on Apple TV.
Apps are how you get your content now on Apple TV.
Photo: Apple

The Apple TV future of television is apps, says Apple. Whether you’re sitting down to watch The Simpsons on Fox, Game of Thrones on HBO, or racing your buddies in Asphalt 8, these days it’s a good chance you’re using some sort of app.

You’re definitely app-ing it up if you’re using Apple’s latest hockey-puck device, which brought games and media apps to the big screen not too long ago.

The latest ad for the device, up on YouTube now, highlights all the good stuff with a cleverly animated Apple TV. Check it out.

We’ve still got the test-pattern at the end, and quite a few nods to some of the great apps on Apple’s TV screen, with media apps like Netflix, Fox Now, iTunes, Showtime and HBO Now sharing time with games like Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, and Crossy Road. There are also sports apps like Watch ESPN and retail and food apps like Gilt and grubHub.

The new Apple TV came out last October and brought with it a fairly sizable stable of launch-day apps that’s only increased in number. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t had the same sort of success as it tries to build its rumored streaming content service, but hopefully we’ll see that fairly soon.

Until then, the future continues to be, naturally, apps.