iPhone 7 concept shows thintastic future without headphone jack


And the ugly camera bulge is gone too.
Photo: Eric Huismann

Designer Eric Huismann has an an awesome idea of what the iPhone 7 might be like. It’s one that supports recent rumors. Get ready, because if he concept design ever becomes reality, your next iPhone might be missing one crucial hardware feature: the headphone jack.

Instead, he introduces the idea of wireless AirPods that connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Since the device will apparently be too thin to support a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the only ways to connect headphones will be through wireless connection or Lightning cable. Though as many people have pointed out, this would make charging your phone and listening to music very difficult if it becomes a reality.

Another interesting theory that Huismann implements is the swap-out of a standard mechanical Home button in favor of one that uses 3D Touch and haptic feedback. Much like when you use 3D Touch on your iPhone 6s display or Force Touch on a MacBook and feel them click, the Home button here would function the same way.

The headphone jack might go the way of the floppy disk.
Photo: Erin Huismann

Huismann has made many other notable changes to the current iPhone’s design as well. For one, the antenna lines that still plague the back of the device are gone on his version of the iPhone 7. Plus the camera is now flush with the rest of the iPhone instead of jutting out from the back.

He predicts the iPhone 7 will come in mostly all of the same colors, except the space gray becomes a gloomy space black as pictured above. This is probably one of the least likely aspects of the concept to come true. Apple originally launched the iPhone 5 and first-gen iPad mini in a darker slate gray option before discontinuing that color in future models.

Bigger isn’t always better for everyone.
Photo: Eric Huismann

Lastly, Huismann created a third iPhone model: the iPhone 7 Mini, which brings back the 4-inch form factor Apple was known for before the iPhone 6. It’s yet another rumor that’s been floating around lately, though many news outlets seem to think a new 4-inch iPhone will come months ahead of the iPhone 7. He also seems pretty hopeful about the low-end storage option finally getting the bump to 32GB while the top tiers remain at 32GB and 64GB.

Be sure to check out Huismann’s web page for full details of his iPhone 7 concept and additional photos. (Here’s the translated version from German to English.)

  • Jeremy Curcio

    I like how the concept artist removed all the things that make the phone functional without any regard to the technology behind it (flush camera and antenna bands).

  • bdkennedy11

    I’m glad he removed the antenna bands. That design functionality is just lazy. It’s what I hate most about my iPhone.

    • DrMuggg

      Yeah, those pesky radio-vawes…They will find a way through metal…or not…

  • Doug Ford

    I hope they don’t do away with the audio jack. Bluetooth audio still sucks.

    • DrMuggg

      I beg to differ. Bought a pair of Senneheiser Momentum Over-Ear Wireless. Using BT4.0 and some x-codec.
      Haven’t missed cables since then. Perfect with active noise cancelling and crisp sound on the tram when
      commuting. Cables are just scratchy noises and something to get stuck with all the time.

      Trust me, getting rid of the awful cables will be great.

      • Nope, I don’t trust you. There will always be audio loss when cutting the cord, on top of further inconveniences; one more thing to charge and have batteries that will wear out is not what I what at all.

      • BizNetClub

        Unless they invent batteries that last years without charging I don’t want to make sure to charge earphone batteries as well. They will also discharge by simply lying around. Same reason I didn’t buy Watch, (apart form it being totally worthless without iphone in proximity).

  • digitaldumdum

    “…your next iPhone might be missing one crucial hardware feature: the headphone jack.”

    Nah, not gonna happen. No phone can be so thin it won’t accommodate a 3.5″ jack, and if it was, it would be •too• thin. Make that unnecessarily thin. Besides, there are WAY to many users who use and love their own earphones. No jack? Not likely.

    • Tristen Briggz

      Good point. Bend gate may also be a factor again if they go too thin but knowing Apple they might just remove it for more battery space and whatever new components. Apple has made adapters in the past, I don’t see anything stopping them next year. less components less cost, more money for apple at the end of the day.

      • digitaldumdum

        I hear ya’, but I’m betting no. Take a look at the current 3.5″ jack designs these days, and you’ll see that making space for some new, on-board doodad would not be worth the complaints. As far as some add-on adaptor in order for a user to use his/her own headphones… there would be riots in the streets. Besides, Apple bought Beats, and •every• Beats headphone has the standard plug, like all headphones. This whole thing is a silly rumor.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Yeah, I think it’s silly to remove the 3.5mm jack. I just see more headphones coming out that support Lightning that have built-in DAC/power much like the Audeze EL-8 Titaniums since they have to bypass the internal DAC/power amp chip, which is why you would want the Lightning port. I really wish that Apple would just replace the Lightning cable with the USB-C and go with something that’s standard in the industry. I think the 3rd parties will certainly like it since they won’t have to make so many different models. Plus if Apple wants to come out with powered headphones like the Audeze that they would make them work with any portable device with a USB-C since that’s the new standard moving forward.

  • Gurpreet Khinda

    It better not look the same as the iphone 6 or 6s with curved edges otherwise apple has lost its touch and the sales will drop even more. People want major design changes on a new phone not just new features. A major design change does not mean removing something that is a necessity and something that everyone uses on a daily basis like the headphone jack. It means changing the look of the phone to make it more appealing and different than the predecessor. Apple should have dropped the S line this year and should have innovated, but since they chose not to they are seeing sales and demand drops in the one product that their revenue relies on.

    • Nicolas

      ” and the sales will drop even more”

      >>> iPhone sales have never, ever in history dropped (yet).

  • cleesmith

    Here’s a better idea (you knew this was coming). DOUBLE the thickness for a bigger battery, keep the headphone jack, make the camera lens flush with the back of the case.

    • DrMuggg

      You forgot to give your contact info so Jonathan Ive can call you.

  • BoltmanLives

    Wow impessive /s

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Pull an iPad 3 make it thicker.

  • The C Man

    Love the idea of the 3D touch Home button. Haven’t seen one of those since the trackball and trackpad of the BlackBerry 7s.

  • William D

    The head phones wouldn’t work as shown here – where is the battery stored? Bluetooth comms and sound generation doesn’t work by magic

  • fllysurfer

    The true audiophiles will love this…