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$2,000 Phantom speakers will soon haunt Apple Store shelves


From the Apple house to your own.
From the Apple house to your own.
Photo: Romain Salzman/Devialet

Devialet’s Phantom speaker is a ultra deluxe bit of audio gear, and Apple’s about to favor it with some serious retail real estate as the Cupertino-based company places the company from France’s product front and center in select Apple Stores.

If you head to one of them, you’ll see the Phantom starting Wednesday, December 9.

The wireless Phantom has a crazy 3000 watts of distortion-free sound, claims its maker, and starts at a cool $1,990, which makes it a perfect match for Apple’s retail stores, which aim to showcase high-quality items that are worth their high-end price.

If your budget can handle it, you can connect two of these gloriously beautiful speakers wirelessly to produce full, rich, stereo sound, with sub bass at 16Hz and highs up to 25kHz with up to 105 decibels of loudness. Whew.

Apple’s senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts has been a champion of these powerhouse audio peripherals since she got a demo a couple months back, according to The New York Times, and has pushed to get the Phantom featured at one of 14 select Apple Stores to start, with plans to roll them out to more stores in the future.

Ahrendts has already made her mark on Apple’s brick and mortar presence with private try-on appointments for Apple Watch Edition, reduced numbers and types of accessories, and pushing for better, Apple-style packaging for third-party gadgets carried by Apple.

Apple Stores already feature Beats audio devices in special places, so getting the Phantom up front and center shouldn’t be too tricky.