Large JPEGs lead to ‘green screen of death’ on El Capitan

Large JPEGs lead to ‘green screen of death’ on El Capitan


So much green screen you might think George Lucas was working for Apple.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Some Mac users are complaining about a flaw in OS X El Capitan where, on certain machines, a green screen appears when they try to view large photos in Preview.

One Cult of Mac reader informed us that they had been having the problem, but a thread on Apple’s support forum shows this is not a one-off glitch. The problem seems to occur with larger, portrait-oriented JPEG files, and isn’t solved by running Apple Diagnostics (which doesn’t find a problem). Sometimes the glitch can crash the program.

If you’re seeing the “green screen” on your machine, one temporary workaround is to open the image in Preview, wait for it to turn green, then go to Tools and Resize, before hitting OK. Images can also be viewed in Safe Mode without a problem.

According to the reader who alerted us of the issue, Apple tech support has acknowledged it as a problem, but Cupertino has yet to issue a software fix.

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