iOS 9 is coming: It’s time to level up your game-coding chops [Deals]


A comprehensive lesson bundle for game developers, covering the new features of iOS 9.
A comprehensive lesson bundle for game developers, covering the new features of iOS 9.
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Another year, another massive operating system update to learn and master. If you design games for mobile, you’ll soon have to reckon with the sweeping changes in the upcoming iOS9 update. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the curve with a comprehensive bundle of 8 game-building lessons for just $49 at Cult of Mac Deals.

These are learn-by-doing courses covering the key tools and languages of iOS 9, here’s some of what they contain:

Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

This lesson includes complete source code for building a game from start to finish without writing a line of code.

  • Use source code to create an iOS game that lets players follow their own narratives
  • Add customized features like mini-games and puzzles
  • Make it so players can determine images, animations, etc.
  • Master the Swift 2 code underlying this starter kit with included tutorials
  • Over 185 lectures and 34 hours of content

Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit Setup Guide

This course covers everything needed to edit the code, create your own unique game, and build out playable worlds full of detail.

  • Craft a side scrolling or isometric game world without writing any code
  • Configure the physics of your world, design characters and animate them
  • Build in-game features like collectibles, currency, etc.
  • Use Tiled to design levels graphically
  • Over 21 lectures and 5.5 hours of content

iOS Control Systems with Swift & SpriteKit

From the simplest of actions to using the accelerometer, using key iOS tools to implement the control system that fits your needs.

  • Explore simple tap-to-move controls
  • Learn to make sprites follow paths and utilize SKAction and animate textures with Xcode
  • Utilize the accelerometer to control characters (balance, roll, etc.)
  • Use gesture recognizers, build a virtual joystick
  • 7 hours of instruction

Endless Worlds

These 6.5 hours of video tutorials cover iOS9’s upgrades to SpriteKit, Apple’s animation tool, and the basics of building challenging and enthralling levels that keep unfolding.

  • Learn how to create “endless” game types, like Frogger or elevator-style games
  • Populate a moving “world” node with randomly generated physics objects
  • Convert CGPoint locations in Swift, adding and clearing out nodes as needed
  • Convert the previous project to an endless top-down viewed RPG style world
  • Use Swift and SpriteKit to generate & remove levels on-the-fly

Missile Commando

This course takes you through adding modern graphics and advanced features to a classic game model.

  • Create the initial “launch” screen with both Swift and SpriteKit
  • Learn Xcode project settings, SKSpriteNodes, SKLabelNodes, SKActions, and more
  • Set up the player’s base, turret, ground and looping background, and deploy missiles
  • Add more SKLabelNodes to track stats, scores and levels
  • 6 hours of instruction

iOS Maze Games and Designed in Tiled

Build a Pac-Man-style game for iOS using essential tools like Swift, SpriteKit, and Tiled, while working with graphics and level design.

  • Build a maze game, designing and animating its characters
  • Construct entire levels for players to traverse
  • Add details like sound and parallax backgrounds
  • Build player-configurable settings
  • Over 49 lectures and 7.5 hours of content

How to Draw All Your Own Game Art

Taking game art into your own hands means drawing everything from buttons, to game characters seen from various angles, and lots more. These 45 lectures and 12 hours of content will show you how.

  • Draw your game’s art and create a logo to attract players
  • Design GUI elements like buttons, progress bars, etc.
  • Sketch different in-game views for your characters, and animate them
  • Draw terrain and buildings for rich backgrounds
  • Create explosion effects, collisions, impacts and more

Property List Driven Apps

This course shows how to use Swift’s latest features to update apps without resubmitting a new build to Apple, and how to display dynamic web pages and embed YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and more.

  • Make your first web request (display any site/page you want in the app)
  • Add a UITableView, UIWebView and Navigation Bar to the Main.storyboard file
  • Send query string variables from an iOS app and use them within the content
  • Set up your Property List to open a single page and feed in countless variables
  • Include an image (of any size) in the UITableView and create an image cache

Jump on these courses while they’re still available for just $49, that’s a full 94% off their regular price.

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