Final Fantasy VII, the world’s best-loved RPG, is finally on iOS


Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VII is one of the world's greatest ever RPGs.
Photo: Square Enix

Close to two decades after it first burst onto our PlayStations and PCs, Square Enix’s RPG masterpiece Final Fantasy VII has finally landed on iOS in its original form.

Celebrate the great news by checking out the trailer below:

Costing $15.99 and requiring that you make available 4GB of space on your iPhone or iPad, Final Fantasy VII follows the adventures of Cloud Strife, the mercenary with the implausibly large sword who joins rebel group AVALANCHE to battle against evil mega-corporation Shinra.

Square Enix announced a PlayStation 4 remake of the game at this year’s E3, although you won’t find that version here. Instead, this is the game as it appeared way back when — albeit on an unimaginably (for 1998) small screen, rocking sweet touch controls.

I’ve loved the iOS ports of old Final Fantasy games we’ve been receiving for a few years now. As we’ve gradually moved down the list of titles, it was inevitable that we’d reach part 7 eventually, particularly since the title landed on iPhones in Japan last year. The lack of surprise certainly doesn’t make this release any less sweet, though.

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