How real historical intrigue inspires Game of Thrones


The Lancasters always pay their debts. In blood.
The Lancasters always pay their debts. In blood.
Photo: TED-Ed

You know nothin’, Jon Snow. Especially how much more full of shifting alliances and intrigue The Wars of the Roses was than your epic television series is able to show. Game of Thrones superfans may already know that 15th-century England inspired much of the structure of George R. R. Martin’s overarching book series, but having it all laid out — lovely animations and visuals to support the historical information — is our first exposure to that fact.

The short animated video, written by Alex Gendler and animated by Brett Underhill, even illustrates how Game of Thrones matches directly to historical facts with some fun Pop-Up Video-style flourishes. You’ll love it.

The Lancasters (Lannisters) and the Yorks (Starks) entered into several inconclusive wars later named The Wars of the Roses by historians, all over succession and power in England in the 1400s.

If you’ve seen or read Game of Thrones, you’ll love watching this comparison, even if you’re not a history buff. It’s easy to watch and understand.

Source: TED-Ed

Via: The Mary Sue