Apple Watch Edition is totally untouchable in 38 states


Apple Watch Edition
Coming soon to a wrist near you? Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Want to try on the super-fancy $10,000 Apple Watch Edition? You might have to do a bit of driving, because in a whopping 75 percent of the United States, it’s totally impossible to demo the solid gold Apple smartwatch.

Only 12 states (and the District of Columbia) have Apple Stores taking appointments to check out the Apple Watch Edition. That leaves 38 states that are apparently not fancy or fashionable enough to offer demos of the schmanciest Apple Watch of all. To see if you live in one of them, check out Cult of Mac’s handy map below, but be prepared to weep.

Apple Watch Edition
How far do you have to drive to try on an Apple Watch Edition? Map: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

Assuming you’re in one of the lucky golden spots, you can try to nab an appointment on Apple’s Concierge site (here are some tips on how to do it).

Even the stores that are selling Apple Watch Editions have been filling up all available demo times, but hey. Maybe you’ll luck out and stumble onto a cancelation.

Seeing is believing

If not, all is not lost. If you live in one of those blue states, you can still schedule an appointment to check out the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport at the nearest Apple Store in an attempt to figure out which wrist gizmo is right for you. You can try them on and get your sizing figured out — and even if you’re a skeptic, you’ll likely walk out an Apple Watch believer.

But what if you live in one of those gray states in the map of shame above? In that case, you’re screwed if you want to try on an Apple Watch at all, gold or otherwise. But at least you still have that augmented-reality version. And your dreams.

Correction 9:43 a.m.: Our original graphic mistakenly labeled Colorado as one of the states without Apple Stores. In fact, Colorado has plenty of Apple Stores. Wyoming, on the other hand, does not. We have corrected the map and apologize for the error.