Apple isn’t ignoring ‘Bendgate,’ will replace affected devices


Is your iPhone 6 Plus still as straight as it was the day you got it? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Is your iPhone 6 Plus still as straight as it was the day you got it? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

It turns out that things made out of thin pieces of aluminum will bend under enough force. Who’d have thought it? But fortunately for those who are experiencing the well-documented “Bendgate” issue with a new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple is not ignoring the problem: The company will replace devices under warranty so long as they pass a visual inspection.

Apple has remained incredibly quiet about this issue since users began reporting that their new iPhones were warping in their pockets earlier this week — despite it becoming a major talking point since a YouTube video from our friend Lew at Unbox Therapy went viral — so it wasn’t clear whether it would be replacing affected devices under warranty.

But a customer support representative has now confirmed that Apple will replace handsets that pass a visual inspection.

“That is 100% up to the Genius that you speak with at the store. There is a test called a Visual Mechanical Inspection that the device will have to pass,” the Apple representative told The Next Web. “If it is within the guidelines, they will be abel [sic] to cover it. If not, the replacement would be paid.”

It’s not completely clear what the guidelines are, and the Apple representative said that this information wasn’t provided to support staff. We can only assume that Apple will replace devices that look like they may have been bent accidentally — and not those that appear to have been bent on purpose.

Replacing affected handsets isn’t all Apple is doing to address this issue. Support also confirmed that the company is “looking into this with an insane amount of detail.”

It’s great to see that Apple isn’t just ignoring this problem, but it would seem that there isn’t a great deal the company can do to eliminate it at this point. A device this thin made out of aluminum is going to bend under enough pressure, and the only way Apple can prevent it is by altering the design to make it stronger — which isn’t going to happen now.

Perhaps it will take a similar approach to 2010’s “Antennagate” and give everyone a free case that’ll help protect their device in their pockets. Or maybe a free U2 album would help ease the pain?

Source: The Next Web

  • EnderW

    A free case made of stainless steel, 1 cm thick and 500 g “light”. That would be SOO MUCH better than having 8 mm thick durable device with incredible battery life… Thank you Jony!!!

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      I just got a More Para X case and it has a titanium insert I’m checking out. They have another Para Blaze CX with a carbon fiber insert. I don’t if anyone has used these and had any luck, but that’s what I would do. There’s another company that’s about to release an actual carbon fiber case, but I forgot the name… But that’s what i would do is get a good quality case that makes it harder to bend and then i don’t have to worry about it. I’m sure the product reviewers will come out with proper case reviews to see which ones prevent bending and which ones don’t.

  • Oh c’mon,
    You’re using a phone, not an army tank. What idiot would exercise this amount of force on a phone? Apple didn’t state the iPhone 6 / Plus is unbreakable. It’s a phone, people! Every phone will be destroyed by applying this amount of force. Stupid.

    • RoboBonobo

      If you look at the tests UnboxTherapy did on youtube, you’ll see that other phones actually don’t bend like how the 6 Plus does. And if by “this amount of force” you mean ‘by putting it in the front pocket of a tight pair of jeans and then bending your hip’, you’d be wrong. No, it’s not common for that action to damage a smartphone.

      • “by putting it in the front pocket of a tight pair of jeans and then bending your hip”

        If you look at the video of the same guy bending the 6+ his hands are shaking from how much he’s trying to bend it. It didn’t bend easily. If you have a tight pair of jeans and “bend your hip” that hard… you’ve got other issues.

      • RoboBonobo

        If you can bend it with the force of your hands, then a tight pair of jeans can do it, no problem. In the original video he even mentions how he noticed it was already slightly bent before he even purposely did anything to it. If you look at the other tests, the other phones don’t even bend at all under the very same test, so I don’t understand what your issue is. The fact is the 6 Plus bends when other phones don’t. Deal with it.

      • mistergsf

        Why didn’t the guy conduct his test by actually putting all the phones in his pocket? Isn’t this what the whole kerfuffle is all about?

      • RoboBonobo

        He noted that it was already slightly bent from being in his pocket, before even purposely attempting to bend it. So even if he did it your way, the 6 Plus would have still been the only handset to fail.

      • aardman

        Really? You put some large rigid metallic object in the front pocket of your tight jeans then you sit down? Either the rigid item prevents you from sitting or it yields to the force brought to bear by the action of sitting.

        This doesn’t happen with a smaller smartphone because it sits in your pocket below your hip’s pivot point.

      • RoboBonobo

        I think that does have something to do with it, but tests show that other similarly sized phones don’t bend significantly under the same amount of stress. For example, Galaxy Note 3 didn’t bend or break and it is about the same size as the 6+; 4.7″ iPhone is less than an inch shorter, and it didn’t bend significantly either. I think the issue is that it’s a soft/malleable metal without sufficient internal reinforcements combined with the additional torque of a longer phone. They could have made it a bit thicker and much harder to bend. but Apple is so obsessed with making every other generation thinner than the last. Silly priorities if you ask me.

      • Hey Jelly Eyes, so you take for granted one video and apply it to more then 10 mil iPhones? In the pocket of your jeans? Seriously?! Maybe if a 90 pounds elephant ass would sit on your tight pair of jeans hip. Read, research and only then reply before you spit out something stupid from your underdeveloped jelly brains:

      • RoboBonobo

        The original reports were that they were bending in people’s front pockets after sitting. UnboxTherapy’s video was a response to those original reports. By the way, when did I ever say that all 10 mil iPhones will get bent? I didn’t.
        And finally, the research you shared (with the exact same small sample size as the video you criticized) was originally posted AFTER every comment in this thread before yours, Mr. Jelly Brain. THINK.

    • ASR

      Maybe it’s too thin to withstand the normal use pressure. Nobody cared about this aspect before.

  • TechX

    Hot glue between the case and battery will strengthen it immensely..

  • Joe

    What’s next? Sitting on your iPad and then claiming it bends? Ridiculous! And, oh yeah, I’d like to hear the howls if Apple had produced a phone thicker and heavier!

    • sandiegodude

      double or triple that battery life and make it the thickness of the 3GS, and I’d gladly take a thicker iPhone in a heartbeat.

  • MyDisqussion

    Hey, Apple. Do you have a slightly bent, workable iPhone 6 or 6 Plus phones that I can take off your hands for a song? I’ll just slip it into a case, and we’ll both be happy.

  • Guest

    I work at an Apple Store and I’ve gotten pretty clear direction that this isn’t going to be covered under the warranty…. It’s considered physical damage according to the VMI.

    • Ice

      If this isn’t going to be covered I forsee a huge Class Action Lawsuit coming towards Apple

    • moonandserpent

      Dude, you’ll want to delete this comment if you work at an Apple Store.

    • sandiegodude

      Either you’re a troll, or you’ve been told wrong. Apple has swapped out bent phones under warranty for years, including when people started bending their iPhone 5 and 5S in their pockets over the past few years.

  • Yaagul Eldon Davis

    No thanks I don’t want a dam U2 album

  • Frankie Tommy DeVito

    Nice!, There are Steel bumpers on Amazon…not for 6/6Plus…yet, Suppose that can be some piece of mind before it might bend? For Apple to address the problem is a great step! I do love my 6 +. I dug up one of those “early mockup iPhone 6 videos” it’s from Dec 29, 2013- Who knew reality could become the ‘prototype?” lol “iPhone 6 Curved”

  • Matheus Capovilla

    It would be nice if they payed that much of attention on the mbp 2011 GPU issu case, which is even better reported on the internet… In that subject, apple’s totally ignoring their customers…

    • Calvinogood

      I’m totally agree with you, or they earn more profit on mobile than MBP/ desktop?

    • hoosieratarian

      Or the imessage black hole that messages get stuck in when someone has to deactivate imessage.

  • My Samsung Doesn’t Bend. My iPad Doesn’t Bend. Fuc# Apple. The iPhone 4 antenna didn’t work, the iPhone 5 had yellow screens, the iPhone 6 Bends and every OS upgrade has been full of bugs. A big failure of a company! Hey Apple how about taking some of that 500 Billion in cash your hordeing and hiring engineers and beta testers.

    • R3sp3ctfu1Gam3r

      Hasn’t anyone taught you never to put an ‘e’ before an ‘ing’? Besides, this isn’t WoW, it’s ‘hoard’.

      Nevertheless, my iPhone 4 worked fine for me and millions of others. My iPhone 5 never had a yellow screen, nor did most others. My iPhone 6 Plus is still as straight as it was when I bought it, and so are all the others except for a reported (9) people that Apple is aware of.

      Shit happens during production. Out of millions of units, there’s bound to be a few that fail. The one’s that do fail are well taken care of by Apple. Quit trolling and move along.

  • Robin Carmack

    Common sense is definitely extinct now…has to be

  • Daryl Martijn Van Beek

    out of all the millions of iPhone 6+’s sold just a few got bent…… still i can’t understand how you can sit down with a huge phone like that in you pocket thats the only thing that will bend it. Not to mention forcing it to bend, so by just walking with it in your pocket it’ll be fine and most ppl will probably use a cover as with any other smartphone not to forget to mention the video of unbox therapy which went viral is a bit extreme he didn’t apply nearly as much stress to the samsung galaxy note 3 & maybe they should have created polycarbonate backs just as on the iPhone 5C oh wait we doing want that either because then they will be called copy cats or cheap…….. everyone needs to grow up and stop posting bullshit … i still use an HTC Desire HD and it bends too just like the iPhone 6+ besides who said the phone is indestructible , in that case buy one of those rugged smart phones ….

  • Aannddyy

    I think the dork who bent the iPhone 6 Plus should not get a new one until after I get mine, which I promise not to bend on purpose.

  • Alex

    Great. Kind of spam but what about mbp2011 (if you’re not aware search it on twitter)

  • popopo


  • OldSchoolTech

    Seems like Apple are actually doing sweet all about this problem…