Our Sept. 9th iPhone 6 and iWatch predictions plus inside The Fappening on The CultCast



This week: With Apple’s big Sept. 9 media event just around the bend, we dust off our crystal balls and reveal our iWatch and iPhone 6 predictions! Plus: The Fappening. How did so many high-profile celebrity nudies leak for all to see? And is an iCloud flaw responsible for the debacle? We’ll tell you what happened, how it happened, and what you can do to help keep those sensitive selfies safe from prying eyes.

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  • Adrayven

    One Suggestion: We now know they used security questions to get the celeb accounts password reset.

    Security Questions are just guessable passwords.
    – Mothers maiden name? Kate Upton – google it..
    – Favorite movie? Jennifer Lawrence – Google it…

    Because they are celebs.. that info is so easy to get.. So, don’t answer the questions.. use a random hash passwords for each question…. Write them down and store it somewhere safe.

    Also, I know you guys probably did this Podcast before the Tim Cook’s update.. but we now know no exploit was used.. was just basic research and password guessing…

  • Adrayven

    @Erfon Elijah

    iPad Air is the mid range device, the iPad Pro would be 12.9″ we keep hearing about. A kind of competitor to the Surface Pro.. IMHO anyway. :)

    So Here is where I think the naming will land:

    iPhone Classic (4″), iPhone Air (4.7″) and iPhone Pro (5.5″) makes a lot of sense..
    iPad Mini (8″), iPad Air (10″) an iPad Pro(12.9″)… .

    • BusterH

      not sure on the iPhone Classic but all the others sound good to me.