Apple and Google reignite mediation talks in wage-fixing lawsuit


Shareholders are getting a huge payday from Apple.
Shareholders are getting a huge payday from Apple.

Apple and Google have resumed mediation talks with tech workers who are suing Silicon Valley’s top tech firms for an alleged anti-hiring agreement orchestrated by Steve Jobs.

Court filings indicate that Intel and Adobe are also participating in the talks as the companies attempt to reach a new settlement for the class action case, after U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh rejected the companies’ proposed settlement of $324.5 million last month.

Former tech workers of Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe filed a lawsuit against the companies earlier this year for conspiring to keep employee’s wages low by agreeing not to hire away each other’s top engineers. The workers had hoped to collect $3 billion worth of damages from the companies, but the first proposed settlement was only for $324.4 million.

Judge Koh rejected the settlement, stating that the plaintiffs deserved more money. Koh also noted in here rejection that the case provided “substantial and compelling evidence” that Jobs “was a, if not the, central figure in the alleged conspiracy.”

Details of the talks weren’t provided in the filing, other than mentioning that they’re mediating through a retired judge. The next hearing for the case is set for September 10th.