More proof that the iPhone 6 will come with an evolved new Lightning cable



Last week, we told you about shots that had leaked from within Foxconn, which reportedly showed new Lightning cables developed by Apple that featured fully reversible USB connectors.

We were excited, but there was only one problem: the images seemed a little sketchy. But a new image from reliable leaker Sonny Dickson‘s Twitter feed indicates that the reversible USB plug is indeed coming to new Lightning cables, perhaps as early as the iPhone 6.

How does the new plug work? In existing Lightning Cables, the pins of this male end are attached to a buffer section of the metal casing that takes up roughly 50% of the USB Type-A connector, guaranteeing it can only be plugged in one way. In this new cable, the buffer section has been stripped away, ‘floating’ the pins in the middle of the connector and allowing it to be plugged into a computer in either direction.

That’s enough to save us all a few minutes every year spent fiddling around behind our Macs, blindly trying to stab a Lightning cable into a USB port. How soon will they come, though?

Source: Twitter