Apple needs to find a way to outsmart the clones once and for all


Picture: The Matrix Revolutions
Picture: The Matrix Revolutions
  • BuildARealBusiness

    If the product takes “8 hours” to build, how does the founder expect to fend off competition forever by claiming everyone’s a clone. It will be a hard, endless battle.

    • To true mate. Its seems as if there are App Sweat Factories out there, with people finding a “winner” and then have Devs knock them out as quick as they come up on the App Store. It took 1 day for Flappy clones to come out, ONCE it was taken off the App Store. The Dev did the wrong thing IMHO and subsequently started a revolt, of CLONES !!!

  • Damn, I feel sorry for the Indie Devs and whats happening. Im not sure where Apple went wrong, but 2 yrs ago this wasn’t so much a problem. While reading the story, I did a little looking around, the 100 Balls, if you put that in the search field you get 40 at a quick count that are clones to the Original. (I count even find the Original :-( ) I went through these Apps, and 85% had the same UI nearly to the Pixel and in the description use misleading, so called Awards.

    When it came to Blek, there is one in there that in the Description talks only Blek not the App name and again uses certain Top # Awards. Its a disgrace and when I get my first App out (like others its a simple left right finger tap game, but addicting), I WILL be searching the App Store and sending in those forms to Apple every Hour (As I have nothing better too do) and try and win some downloads back . . . We Indie Devs need to stand fast and NOT let this happen. Really feels like the Lydia Store now :-(

  • BalaclavaBivvyGuy

    As an app consumer I see this as a two sided coin, a driver of lower prices due to competition, but also a potential deterrent to innovation and investment. Creating decent apps is hard work.

    Most decent, well-thought apps are safe. Yo is an opportunistic piece of trash hoping to ride the wave of a brief surge in popularity and that is why it was so easy to clone.