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Fake iPhone smuggler gets 3-year prison sentence


iPhone XS box gold
Bag yours before they're all gone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A Chinese national caught smuggling fake Apple products into the United States has been handed a three-year prison sentence.

Jianhua “Jeff” Li pled guilty to trafficking more than 40,000 devices, including counterfeit iPhone and iPad knockoffs, back in February. He made more than $1.1 million from the scheme.

Apple should sue Xiaomi for its blatant copying — but it won’t


Xiaomi Mimoji look very familiar.
Mimoji is one of many products Xiaomi has ripped from Apple.
Photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has a history of shamelessly ripping off bigger brands, and nine times out of ten, its chosen target is Apple.

The Chinese company has previously cloned the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more — without a single shred of fear that it might one day feel the wrath of Apple’s legal department.

Xiaomi’s latest ripoff is its own version of Memoji, and it brazenly stole Apple’s own commercials to promote it on a number of retail channels this week.

Here’s how Xiaomi gets away with it.

Apple starts purging VoIP duplicates from the App Store


App Store
Apple apps no longer dominate App Store search results.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has started removing duplicate VoIP apps from the App Store.

The purge comes after a report highlighted a shady practice some developers have been using to game App Store search results. Plenty of clones still remain in other categories, however.

$100 iPhone X clone is a lot scarier than it looks


$100 iPhone X clone
Can you tell the difference?
Photo: Jason Keobler/Motherboard

Now that rival smartphone makers have had some time to follow in Apple’s footsteps, you don’t have to spend $1,000 on an iPhone X to enjoy features like facial recognition and an edge-to-edge screen. For instance, this handset looks almost exactly like Apple’s latest flagship, and yet it costs just $100.

But don’t be fooled by its pretty face. This unashamed iPhone X clone is as ugly as sin under the surface, and its poor excuse for security is even scarier.

Nokia’s iPhone X clone is amazingly affordable


Nokia X5 iPhone X clone
The Nokia X5 looks like an iPhone X, but is nowhere near as expensive.
Photo: HMD Global

Just like every other smartphone maker, Nokia now offers its own iPhone X clone.

The Nokia X5 gives buyers a 5.86-inch edge-to-edge display and impressive specifications at an amazingly affordable price tag. There’s just one problem for now.

Apple approves blatant Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone for iOS


The Nintendo Switch's flexible Joy-Con controllers work just fine with a Mac (but not an iPhone).
Nintendo’s newest console was by far the hottest product.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

We’re still eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s first The Legend of Zelda game for mobile. iOS users in China may have briefly believed the wait was over this week when Breath of the Wild landed in the App Store — except it wasn’t actually Breath of the Wild.

It turns out Apple approved a shameless Zelda clone that, unsurprisingly, doesn’t deliver everything its description promises.