Peter Molyneux brings his earth-shattering god game to iOS



Godus, the much-anticipated video game from god-game specialist designer Peter Molyneux and 22cans, is available now for iOS devices. Godus will let you play as your own private deity, letting you create and nurture a little island paradise on your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone.

You’ll get to carve out landscapes with the touch of a finger, placing mountains, rivers, and flora wherever you like. You’ll also have the care and feeding of devout, worshipful followers of your very own.

“In Godus your hands will sculpt the mountains and carve rivers,” said Molyneux in a statement. “Your touch will create pastures for your people. You will be loved by tiny worshipers that need your help to grow and your direction to progress through the ages of civilization.”

When you play Godus on your iOS device, you’ll gain power via influencing the little followers, guiding the forces of nature through miracles you direct. You’ll find the hidden history of the land you’ve been given charge of in hidden artifacts throughout the land while you travel to distant lands to complete quests and gain new powerful god-like abilities to further grow your civilization and peoples.

“I’m fascinated to see how players wield such powers on mobile,” said Molyneux.


We’re pretty fascinated, as well, though we wonder when we’ll see the final Mac version, as Molyneux hinted at back in December of 2012. Godus is still in beta on Steam, so it’ll be a bit before we see full-on cross-platform play, as promised.

Published by free-to-play specialist publisher DeNA, Godus is available now for free for your downloading pleasure. Check it out while it’s hot!

  • Jeremy Hope

    Yay, in app purchases, my favourite. No better way to bastardise a game and make sure people won’t download it than to put those in there. Its a shame, cause it looked good otherwise

  • Patrick Foster

    Peter sells a pc game on kickstarter. Then releases a 30% complete beta for pc users. Then stalls and stalls….then releases an iOS version of the game. which the pc purchasers on kickstarter paid for but didn’t ask for. So now we have a freemium game on iOS and nothing good/finished on pc.

  • Greg Dillard

    I’ve installed on both iPhone and iPad. Crashed both times on authorizing, regardless of if signing in with Facebook or not signing in at all.

  • teamgen

    not feeling how all the female worshippers stay indoors, pray, and make babies while the men build and explore…