Decal makers enjoyed massive sales spike following Apple’s ‘Stickers’ ad


One of the great user customizations shown off in Apple's recent
One of the great user customizations shown off in Apple's recent "Stickers" ad.

Apple did sticker and decal makers a massive favour with its recent “Stickers” ad for MacBook Air, showing the myriad ways users choose to customize their ultra-thin Apple notebooks.

That is backed up by figures, unearthed by website Macstories, which discovered that sticker-makers did, in fact, receive a huge influx of new visitors following the ad — with sales in some cases quadrupling since Apple’s ad aired earlier this month. Geeky Decals, for instance, says that it was selling around 8-10 stickers per day prior to the ad, but is now selling between 40 and 50 per day.

Websites also saw a massive influx of new unique visitors and page views.

Demonstrating the massive spike in interest experienced by sticker maker The Decal Guru. Picture: Macstories

While the number will likely settle down and return to normal levels once Apple’s “Stickers” spot stops airing, it’s a valuable reminder of just how much influence Apple has — not just on its own business and direct customers, but also the numerous startups and other companies that rely on Apple for their livelihood.

If you haven’t seen Apple’s “Stickers” ad yet, we’ve embedded it below. From its ultra-cool designs (how long must that licensing have taken to work out?) to its Hudson Mohawke soundtrack, it’s definitely one of the best youth-oriented ads Apple has run in years.

Source: Macstories

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Where’s the Samsung stickers ad? They must have put an ad out after Apple did theirs. They usually copy everything else Apple does.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      Yeah. It’s not like Apple ever copied anybody right? Right?

    • Chase Anderson

      Yeah because predictive text swiping, widgets, split screen productivity, the ability to do something on a pc and pick up where you left off on mobile devices, and 90 percent of everything debuted at WWDC 14 for iOS 8 was ALL Apple’s idea and was in NO way, shape or form influenced heavily by features android users have been enjoying for years. You sir, are either blind or have been brainwashed into a serious state of denial. Everybody copies everybody.