Decal makers enjoyed massive sales spike following Apple’s ‘Stickers’ ad


One of the great user customizations shown off in Apple's recent
One of the great user customizations shown off in Apple's recent "Stickers" ad.

Apple did sticker and decal makers a massive favour with its recent “Stickers” ad for MacBook Air, showing the myriad ways users choose to customize their ultra-thin Apple notebooks.

That is backed up by figures, unearthed by website Macstories, which discovered that sticker-makers did, in fact, receive a huge influx of new visitors following the ad — with sales in some cases quadrupling since Apple’s ad aired earlier this month. Geeky Decals, for instance, says that it was selling around 8-10 stickers per day prior to the ad, but is now selling between 40 and 50 per day.

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Stickers Transform Apple TV Into Awesome Nintendo Console


Nostalgic NES is small and perfectly formed.

Face it. Your Apple TV is boring. It looks just like every other Apple TV, everywhere in the world. Sure, you might say it doesn’t matter, that the whole point of the little puck is to get out of the way and let you watch TV shows and movies, but that shows a lack of imagination. What you need, my friend, is a set of decals. And not just any old decals. You need decals that make your Apple TV look like a NES console.

Meanwhile At Apple HQ, Jonathan Ive Has Found This On Etsy [Humor]



Cult of Mac Presents… “Jonny Ive And The Vinyl Wood Sticker.” A humorous play in one part by Mr. Giles Turnbull.


(Jonathan Ive’s secret underground lair. Prototype Apple products litter the desks – an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6, and an iPhone 7. Versions 3, 4 and 5 of the iPad. An iPad mini. An iPhone Pro. A MacPro nano. An AppleTV that’s actually a TV. A bunch of other things that don’t even have names yet. Most of these products are partly disassembled, with wires and circuit boards hanging out at odd angles. Between them are soldering irons, bits of wire, aluminum and duct tape.)

(Standing amid all the chaos, with shirtsleeves rolled up, a pencil behind his ear, and eye protectors pushed up on top of his head, is Jonathan Ive. He’s peering at the screen of a MacBook Air and frowning. He picks up the phone.)

IVE: Get me the Design Abuse Team. Now!

GameBoy Color Decal For iPhone 4


102010_rg_GameBoyColorIphoneDecal_01 (1)

No, really, that’s not a GameBoy Color… it’s a decal slapped on the back of an iPhone 4.

I’m totally dropping $6 on this: I actually still have the exact model of the GameBoy Color this decal is based upon, right down to the fluorescent 90s hue.