Top 3 iPad apps that let you get real work done



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5 responses to “Top 3 iPad apps that let you get real work done”

  1. Clif Blanchard says:

    Pages, Task, and Evernote

  2. Alex Rosenleaf says:

    Isn’t Pages free now?

    • Joshua Smith says:

      Hey thanks for viewing. Pages is $9.99 standard but is part of the free iWorks collection offer available after purchasing a new iOS device. I really wish they’d just make it free for everyone already.

  3. Corvin Esque says:

    I love Notability for the ability to synch audio with notes, so it is easy to jump in the recording based on what notes were taken in the moment, and the ability to highlight and annotate makes this fantastic for both students and teachers. I also like Todoist, which I use as my task manager. I love that it sends me a daily digest, so I know exactly what needs to be done when I start my day.

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