Want NFL on your iPad? DirecTV loosens grip on cordcutters



The squads of the NFC and AFC are gearing up for training camp in just a few weeks, and the NFL is ready to make a killing by feeding your leather and spandex addiction with an NFL Sunday Ticket package that stream every game to your iPad, even if you don’t have a satellite subscription.

In a huge victory for cord-cutters, DirecTV is finally ready to loosen restriction to make it easier for non-subscribers to pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Plans for NFL Sunday Ticket start out at $199 and allow you to stream out-of-market games to your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Even though the NFL and DirecTV are saying this is nothing new – mobile-only subscriptions have been a secret option if you’re able to prove you can’t get DirecTV – the company is making it easier than ever for cord cutters to be eligible for access.

After testing the eligibility check a number of times, I’ve found that entering in any apartment address will make you eligible for the Digital plan. If you enter an address that DirecTV deems eligible for its service though it won’t sell you NFL Sunday Ticket without adding a DirecTV subscription.

The Digital package does have its limitations You won’t be able to stream directly to your Apple TV, but you can still AirPlay mirror your Mac to your Apple TV.

DirecTV has also added support for Xbox One and Playstation 4 streaming this year, along with other consoles, at a price of $239. The Max package, which includes streaming to mobile devices and consoles, and adds extra features like the Red Zone channel and Direct Fantasy Zone, can be had for $329.