Android Wear smartwatches get the jump on Apple’s iWatch



With Google showing off Android-powered wearables from Samsung, LG and Motorola at its Google I/O developers conference this week, the smartwatch competition has officially heated up.

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will ship in early July, so Android Wear smartwatches will definitely beat Apple’s rumored iWatch to the market. In today’s video, Cult of Mac shows how these handy, Android-powered devices — which let users access smartphone features from the convenience of their wrists — set the bar high for the iWatch.

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  • RoboBonobo

    It doesn’t work with iPhone so probably not going to be my first iWatch.

    • Daryl B

      Your “First iWatch?” There hasn’t been and “iWatch” yet.

      • RoboBonobo

        They changed the title of the article. It used to say some crap about “Your first iWatch might be a LG/Samsung/Moto”. Or something like that.

        Not sure what you’re trying to imply… So they come out with the first iWatch, 4 months from now, and then I buy it? That’ll be “my first iWatch”.

  • Daryl B

    The “Jump” on Apples attempt to release a smart watch happened years ago, not with the real ease of the latest Android Wear.

    • RoboBonobo

      Those smartwatches have limited functionality, even compared to Android Wear, so they’re not really competition for the rumored “iWatch”.

  • Glenn Gore

    Meh, none of these things are anything I would want to own or wear at the present time.

  • Guest

    lol except these watches will be commercial flops with everyone except tech fanatics. Nobody wants to pay another $200+ to get a device that does the same thing they can do already with a phone.

    • Michael Smith

      Unless it integrates with your life in some unexpected ways.
      I think Apple may have some interesting ideas on what a Smart Watch will be.

  • moofer

    So, lemme get this straight. The iPhone’s screen, according to FAndroids who love to bring it up at every moment, is too small. So, Google thinks packing its experience into a 1″ screen is somehow an improvement? These things aren’t selling for a reason. This mark has been completely missed. Just like Glass.

  • aaloo

    None of the smart watches of today are worthy of being called smart. They simply take my phones function and put it on my wrist. That’s called redundancy. For me to wear a watch, it has to look nice (Moto 360 looks nice, others look like fisher price), and it must do things and do those things better that my phone cannot already do. Pushing notifications over Bluetooth is not enough. I have a feeling that when apple releases their device, it is going to make everything else look archaic, just like iPhone did.

  • godofbiscuits

    The jump? On a rumor?