Explore the tombs of Egypt in iOS puzzle-runner Escape from the Pyramid



I’m a sucker for old school platformers in the vein of Jordan Mechner’s Prince of Persia, and upcoming iOS game Escape from the Pyramid certainly fulfills those criteria.

Set across 45 levels — representing three worlds in all — the game borrows from ancient Egyptian art to create something that definitely looks like it could stand out in a year already full of interesting-looking iOS titles.

“We wanted to create a visually unique game, giving it the feeling you are controlling the characters in an ancient moving papyrus,” says developer Tama Games.

The game is also set to include a plethora of nasty critters to avoid, deadly traps to escape, and hidden doors to discover. There are also boss battles, and a Game Center-powered leaderboards and achievements ranking.

While the finished title doesn’t have an exact release date yet (it will be arriving sometime “within the next two months”) interested parties can check out the below gameplay demo for a peak at how Escape from the Pyramid will look.

As a big fan of seemingly all the individual components of this game, I’m certainly looking forward to sitting down to play it. We’ll let you know when it can be dug up from the App Store.

Source: TouchArcade