Uncovering 8 mysterious new iOS 8 features



Apple’s WWDC keynote just days ago brought us many new iOS 8 features to look forward to downloading this Fall. Thanks to an immediate downloadable beta version open for developers, many have found even more useful features and changes not mentioned on Apple’s big stage. In today’s video your host Joshua Smith introduces eight of his top hidden iOS 8 features.

Take a look at the video to see what you think.

  • I fail to see how most of these are ‘hidden’ features, especially when 3 of them were proudly announced in the keynote.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      The word ‘hidden’ is used loosely to connote features that might not be as obvious to everyone. No need to slam the young man.

    • Adrayven

      Hidden = no real stage time.. just a mark on a slide at best.. None of the ones he talked about were shown off during the demos..

  • Chase Anderson

    About time! As an android user, I’ve been waiting to see these exact features, among nearly every other one announced at WWDC, to show up on iOS. Finally, it might actually be worth switching now.

  • Doug

    Another great video from Joshua. Really appreciate the enthusiasm he puts into these updates.

    • Joshua Smith

      Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. There’s definitely more videos like this on the way so stay tuned.

  • Adrayven

    Nice video, like the quick run-throughs..

  • Kevin Kuo

    HAHAHA. These features have been on Android for years. Wahahahaha! Burn iOS users, Burn, BURN! iOS is becoming more Android as we speak!

    By the way…do you know how I got these scars?

    • Abhishek Vashishth


      • Kevin Kuo

        Really! My preciousss was stolen. Stolen by thieves, THIEVES!

    • NapMan

      Yes, it’s true the individual features were already available on Android, but iOS 8, combined with Yosemite, provides a complete ecosystem that Android can’t even begin to touch.

      • Kevin Kuo

        Maybe, maybe not. Only the future will tell. Unless we get wiped out by aliens or ourselves first.

    • Does it matter? I don’t think you understand how things work as things evolve. This isn’t a game or race, this is a gadget for people to use. Do you complain with another fridge company copies a feature another fridge company uses on their next design? No because no one gives a fuck. Apple or Android—it goes both ways—isn’t going to skip on ideas that can easily be shared for everyone.

      You’re either making fun of Apple for not having certain features or complaining Apple shares the same things. Get over your self.

      • Kevin Kuo

        Why so serious? You look sad…Let put a SMILE on that face. haHaHAhAHAHAH!!

        On a more serious note. No one actually caught the movie reference at the end? That’s unfortunate, no one got the true message.

      • ok

  • Grant Haavaldsrud

    “North America and Canada…”? Okay, I know we have a few problems, including a crack smoking mayor, but is that any reason to kick us off of a continent? He is getting the help he needs, after all.

    • Joshua Smith

      Thanks for catching that slip-up. I truly appreciate you viewing the video and apologize for the mistake. Hope you enjoyed getting a closer look at some of the new iOS 8 features!

  • tomrudderham

    Some more features I’ve discovered: you can hide the predictive text panel, delete albums with one swipe, hide draft emails on iPhone and more: http://iosguides.net/ios-8-features/

  • lucascott

    Maybe I’m picky because I work in the film industry so I know something about filming but I found this video to be more annoying than useful.
    First take a breath, giant run on sentences don’t work. Especially when half of the words could have been cut anyway.
    Second, the camera work sucked. We want to see the software, not you. Cut the hands out and get the focus on the screen properly
    Third, cut all the flailing about swiping on stuff without a point. It’s the only part more annoying than the whole ‘intro’ at the beginning.

    • For someone in the film business, which is engaged in attracting an audience to draw attention to your message, you could maybe have chosen a more tactful way to express your criticisms, made them more constructive so that Joshua would take them to heart. I don’t disagree with your observations, but I think you could have spent a moment composing your post to be more positive while making the same points.