See what happens when you stuff a Mac Pro with C4




How much C4 can you stuff in a Mac Pro?

That not a question most Mac Pro owners grapple with but the guys at RatedRR aren’t your average Apple fanboys. In their latest series of Apple destruction videos they’ve decided to pack an ungodly amount of C4 into Apple’s powerhouse machine just to see how big the explosion is.

Catch all the gory action in the video below:

Shaping the detention cord into an Apple logo was a flourish so perfect Steve Jobs himself would be proud. Not a trace of the Mac Pro remains after the detonation of 10 lbs of C4 launches it into the stratosphere.

The Mac Pro doesn’t have any moving mechanisms so RatedRR also put it through a couple drop tests to see if it’s got some real-world toughness. Watching the water drop test in slow-mo is even more captivating than the Mac Pro’s death by explosives.


Via: Sploid

  • John Boatman

    Looks like this Mac Pro is sporting their new C4 processor with blast processing.

  • DTM

    Why do people do this and why do people cover it as a story?

    • lucascott

      attention and page hits

  • Not Debating — Informing

    So is that the “Shockwave Flash” thing I’ve been reading about?

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    It seems like a waste of good money but as long as Apple got paid, I guess it’s OK. Once the customer buys a product they can do whatever they want with it. I suppose this is a typical case of people with more money than brains.

    • Media Master

      Yeah, he does not BUY the MacPro. I work with these types of marketing stunts. Things like this, the company often ships it to him for free so he can blow it up. He gets to make a new video, they get free press and a story to pop up on sites like this. It costs Apple a few hundred bucks, maybe a few thousand (manufacturing costs of a MacPro are a lot less then retail price), or Microsoft a few hundred for an Xbox (same deal). The result… hundreds of thousands of views by people who might or might not have the product and for some reason might want to look at purchasing said product. This type of video just “Sticks” the image of the product in the views mind that much more.

      For example, while the real draw of the video was the C4. That was what the headline was… they open with shock tests, water damage tests, and show off the “affordability” of a MacPro with crazy amazing specs compared to building a Hackintosh. Or do you think he said that just because he felt like adding it in? No. Odds are Apple stipulated that he had to promo the specs before blowing the thing up.

  • heywood_g

    Detonation cord, not detention.

  • Steven Burgas


    Dull crap.

  • digitaldumdum

    “See what happens when you stuff a Mac Pro with C4”

    1. I don’t know how people obtain C4 explosive, except illegally.

    2. I guess I’m not young enough (read: adolescent enough) to get this stunt, or why it’s being displayed on Cult of Mac.

    • Mike Chu

      He probably got the local bomb squad to get him some C4 under controlled conditions, like what the Mythbusters do

  • Pointless destruction, juvenile and attention seeking only. I detest stuff like this. It attempts to make destruction into an art form. Do you think that anyone who would buy a Mac Pro would really be interested in seeing what happens when it blows up? This is the antithesis of the Mac Pro as a creative tool.

    • digitaldumdum

      Len said: “This is the antithesis of the Mac Pro as a creative tool.”

      Agreed. And, the antithesis of a site dedicated to dispensing useful information.

    • Fanboy 

      It got you to click on the webpage did it not? Kind of the whole point of websites, generate clicks and revenue.