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iPhone 6 + sledgehammer + liquid nitrogen = holy cow!



I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really like it when people buy new iPhones just to destroy them on camera. It’s extraordinarily wasteful, not just of money but of the craftsmanship Apple puts into every device.

That said, even I have to admit this iPhone 6 torture test is awesome. Dude took an iPhone 6, froze it with liquid nitrogen, and then disintegrated it with a sledgehammer, like some cryogenic Thor.

Gold iPhone 5s Gets Into A Gunfight With A .50 Cal Rifle – Guess Who Wins? [Video]



Now that everyone has had a solid day or three to play with their shiny new iPhones, the Internet is ready with its customary wave of iPhone destruction videos.

We’ve already seen a number of durability tests, but RatedRR takes its testing to the extreme with its annual iPhone X vs .50 Cal Rifle test. The slo-mo shot of the bullet splitting the length of the gold iPhone 5s is pretty spectacular, if not the perfect celebration of American Consumerism, but why don’t they mix it up with like a bazooka, or ion cannon, or wheelchair-bomb once in a while?