Snappgrip now works with third-party apps to add manual buttons to iPhone camera


Snappgrip is an add-on camera grip for your iPhone, bringing the extra manual knobs, dials and buttons you miss from your regular camera. It’s been around for a while.

But that’s not the news. The new is that a couple of great iPhone camera apps now incorporate the Snappgrip API. That is, these apps can be controlled by the buttons on the grip.

The apps are 645 PRO Mk II and PureShot, both of which are excellent apps we’ve tried before. When used with the $70 Snappgrip accessory, you can use the shutter release to take a shot, the rocker switches to zoom in and out, and the control dial to switch between various functions. You can even press and hold the shutter button to lock focus and recompose.

This is one for the enthusiast, but even at $70 for the hardware plus the cost of the app, it’s still cheaper than a point and shoot camera, and better.

Available now.

Source: Jaggr

  • Hi Charlie—if you buy snappgrip from within either of the apps you get a 20% discount (applied at checkout), which—substantially—more than offsets the additional cost of the app itself. It’s a pretty cool deal…