Spotify For Beverages: Cups App Offers Unlimited Coffee In NYC


Cups is an amazing proposition, and it’s going to be fascinating to see if it works. The app/service gives you unlimited coffee in NYC, from $45 per month. Yup, subscription coffee, just like Netflix or Spotify.

Download the app and choose a plan. This can be an unlimited subscription, or a bundle. Then, when you need a fix, head in to a participating coffee shop (currently only downtown Manhattan), fire up the app and use it to order and “pay” for your coffee – the cashier enters a payment code straight into the app on your phone.

That’s it. If you opted for a bundle, one cup is debited from your total. If you’re on the unlimited plan, you’re good. Just slam that espresso shot and order another.

Talking of espresso, there are two kids of plan. One which involves regular filter coffee, drip, pour-over or brewed coffee,and tea. This is the $45 plan. Add espresso-based drinks and you’ll pay $85 per month. Bundles start at five cups for $7.

It’s pretty neat – the app knows what store you’re in using GPS (manual entry is possible for the more paranoid) and you can track down Cups-compatible cafes with the built-in map.

Cups launches soon, and you can sign up to be told just when it goes live. Until then, you can use plain old cash and cards. Or make a thermos and take it with you like I do.

Source: Cups

  • Mark Langston

    Have to applaud the ingenuity of this app. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first.

    If it’s successful I could see Starbucks coming up with their own solution, albeit more expensive, but being able to couple in their sandwiches, muffins and maybe even the daily newspaper if you want a one-stop-shopping experience for your morning commute.

    Come to think of it there’s no reason that other businesses wouldn’t offer the same thing. McDonald’s, Burger King, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, etc. Soon subscriptions could be how we pay for everything (not too dissimilar to a huge portion of mobile games are that are ‘freemium’ only) and a really easy way for these companies to earn money essentially transforming every business into a cable company.

    Earnings would likely go through the roof as the average consumer would more than likely take advantage of only 50% of the cost of their subscription with peaks and valleys throughout the year but never really going over and above their collective subscription. In the end Starbucks (for example) wins because they’re getting similar monthly payments of $45 a month with the consumer only using up to $25 of their subscription fee.

    Even if half of subscribers use over $45 of their plan that would off-set the balance between heavy users and users that pay the subscription price just for convenience, which is just gravy for Starbucks.

    • ericbrady

      I get a headache if I miss a day without caffeine, better believe I’d use my app everyday if I subscribed. I’d assume the fine print limits you to one or two cups per day to keep you from getting free coffee for your friends.

  • swagv

    All you can consume of anything inevitably = poor quality for high quantity. No thanks.