Hell Freezes Over: A Cool Fanny Pack Exists, And It Holds An iPad Mini


This is the Gallery Waist Pack. It’s the answer to the question, “What if we made a fanny pack for the iPad?”

That’s not quite as simple as it would seem. After all, the fanny pack is the preferred bag of the middle-aged and style-free. It’s the bag for somebody who values practicality over everything else.

And while the iPad is not completely the opposite of this, it is at least opposed to the beige pleated-pants crowd.

Mixing the two is like crossing the streams.

The result of this unholy question is a waist pack designed to carry the iPad mini, plus anything else you need for a day out. The iPad gets its own padded and fleece-lined pocket, and there’s another main section (also fleecy) for your camera or other essentials.

Then there’s a zippered pocket on the front for a wallet, your iPhone and other small sundries.

And you know what? I totally want one. Shoulder bags are uncomfortable, and backpacks are sweaty in the summer and a pain to get in and out of quickly at any time. This, ahem, fanny pack actually manages to look cool and comfortable, with a soft and tough webbing strap to boot.

I’m just not sure if the Lady will let me wear one outside. $50.

Source: ShopHex

  • TheMadTurtle

    Um…..no….still nice and toasty here.


    • sigzero


  • A cool fanny pack is impossible by definition, because the reason it’s uncool in the first place is not the look of the bag, but where it’s worn. Hanging a big sack from your belt just looks dorky, period. There will inevitably come a day, as with the fashion of wearing backpacks with both straps vs one strap, where what was once totally uncool becomes cool, or at least normal, but this is not that day.

  • Manish Bhatia

    The fact that a muscular person with a tattoo is needed to pimp this sissy pack gives an idea about its ridiculousness. Brad Pitt may look OK carrying it, the average Joe will not. An iPad mini is still too big to be a whip it out of the pocket type device. That is the reason the phablet like a Note 3 is the perfect bridge device and the reason that Apple is looking at a bigger iPhone release this year (hesitantly to avoid leeching its tablet share)

  • herbaled

    Get over yourselves. You’re just not cool enough to know that it’s now cool to be a nerd.