Lensbaby For iPhone Hits The Sweet Spot


Lensbaby’s new iPhone lens looks awesome. Or it would, if it didn’t attach with magnets. Yes, it’s a super-strong magnet and might therefore avoid the problem suffered by all other magnetically-attached iPhone lenses: they are hell to keep aligned.

But you still have to glue a metal ring onto the back of your iPhone.

The LM–10 is a miniature, iPhone-sized version of its “sweet-spot” optics for regular cameras. It has an adjustable front element which swivels in its turret and allows you to place the central “sweet spot,” the sharp part of the photo, anywhere in the frame. The rest of the image quickly falls off into blur.

The lens will also invert the image, which could add to the fun or be plain annoying. A Lensbaby app will flip the upside-down image so you can view it right-side-up, but it matter anyway, as you can flip the result right there in your camera roll. The app also lets you tap the sweet-spot so that the camera knows where it should focus.

One neat features is the inclusion of a magnet on both ends, which lets you use your existing magnetic lenses on top. This could give some amazing effects, especially used with things like macro and fisheye optics.

I can’t wait to try it. I’m not so hot on sticking a steel ring to my iPhone though.

The Lensbaby Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone is pitching on Kickstarter right now, but as this is Lensbaby we’re talking about, then the product is almost guaranteed to make it into stores. $50.

Source: Lensbaby
Thanks: Jessica!