The COOKOO smartwatch: Digital life right on your wrist [Deals]



Finally … a stylish smartwatch!

Smart watches are cool, but very, very nerdy-looking. Not that being a nerd is off-putting, but you may not always want to send that message when someone looks at your wrist.

That’s why the COOKOO watch is so awesome. It gives you most of the functionality of any competing smart watch, and you can still wear it on a date without looking like you’re going to have Scotty beam you up out of the restaurant mid-meal. And you can get one for yourself for 23% off the regular price…just $99!

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. Sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. To review device compatibility and product specifications, visit the Deals page.

COOKOO will let you know what’s happening on your phone in real time – even if you can’t see or reach it. And as the first analog watch to connect to your smartphone, you’ll be setting trends while staying connected. Your smartphone may not always be at hand – but the COOKOO is.

The top features of COOKOO include:

  • The COOKOO Life App™: Designed to simplify your life by working in conjunction with your COOKOO watch. Control alerts and notifications and whether you want to be notified by an icon, beep, or vibration.
  • Remote Photo Shutter: Take pictures by pressing a button on your watch. Perfect for taking group shots or selfies.
  • One-button Music Control: Play, pause, or skip to the next song from your wrist.
  • Find Your Phone: Press a button to sound an alert and locate it.
  • Notifications: You’ll get messages for things like incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook messages and posts, Twitter mentions, calendar reminders, text messages (and third party app messages from apps like What’sApp, Viber, etc.), and more! (Note: Features may vary depending on version of operating system and device. More devices will be announced in the near future. Visit the app page for supported features.)

Plus, with even more features like a remote shutter button to control your smartphone camera, low battery reminders, and lost phone alerts – this is more than a smart watch, it’s the watch James Bond wishes he had.

It’s scientifically proven we check our phones around 150 times a day. Stop suffering from device dependence, simplify your life and stay in the moment, not locked to your touchscreen. Stay connected to your phone, apps, and social networks anywhere and at anytime with COOKOO. Get it for only $99 from Cult of Mac Deals today!