Batter Up! Bench Clearing Reinvents Baseball As A Battle Royal [Video]



Think sport should be less about good sportsmanship and complex rules, and more about violence?

Clearly developer HooAh agrees on some level, because its upcoming iOS game Bench Clearing re-imagines baseball (a.k.a. “America’s favorite pastime”) as a massive free-for-all battle.

It’s a neat idea, which immediately makes an otherwise interpenetrate sport (for me, a non-sport loving Brit) look like something I’d quite happily play.

Of course, there’s no knowing how well Bench Clearing works until it lands in the App Store “soon,” but Hooah does have previous experience making fun brawling games like Gangsta’s Paradise.

Cult of Mac will be back with a full review as soon as possible.

Source: Toucharcade