Photographer’s Pouch, Velcro-Backed Felt Pockets That Stick In Any Bag


The Photographer’s pouch is a boiled-wool pocket that will stick inside any camera bag thanks to the velcro strip on its back. And of course you’re not limited to cameras, or even camera bags – anything that will fit fits, and any bag with velcro can be used.

Each pouch is 9cm x 15cm, or around 3.5 x 6 inches, has a big velcro square on the back, a flappy lid and an elastic band to close that flap. The velcro is “bad” velcro, or the hook side of hook-and-loop, so it’ll stick to the inside of any camera bag that uses velcro dividers, or in a bag like the excellent Rickshaw Zero Messenger. And you could also stick it to your wooly sweater.

A three pack costs just $30 and a single is $12. I fancy some of these to organize my bike’s handlebar bag.

Source: Photographers Pouch
Via: The Phoblographer