Robot Arm Holds Your iPad For You


In my review, I described the Ergotron Workfit-A as a terminator arm holding your iMac. The PadDock Pivot Dual Arm Locking Tablet Stand is the same kind of thing, only it’s a Terminator arm holding your iPad.

The locking stand is meant for presentation, or for use in places where you need to keep the iPad accessible but in a public spot – hospitals for instance. The dual arm articulates to let you set the iPad anywhere you like, and the mount itself can be locked onto the iPad with a key.

I can also see this being handy on a desk, letting the iPad rise above the detritus and chaos below, while keeping it both easy to access and safe from coffee spills.

The launch date for this monster is 24th March, whereupon you will be able to buy one for $170. In the meantime, there’s a single-arm version already available for $150 (and currently on sale for around $20 less).

Thanks: Keith!