Slow Down That Window Minimize Animation In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Animate Dock Minimize

So, here’s a weird one–have you ever wanted to watch a window animate itself really slowly as you minimize it to the Dock? No?

Well, let’s assume you did for some reason. How would you go about it?

In Mavericks, anyway, it’s a trivial thing, and it produces a fun effect: your window will minimize to the Dock super slowly, even slower than in the animated image above.

All you need to do when clicking that yellow button up there in the top left corner of any Mac application window, including the Finder is to hold down the Shift key while you’re doing it.

Go ahead, give it a try right now. Move your mouse cursor up to the middle yellow button in the upper left corner of your web browser window, hold the Shift key down, and click.

Super slow-mo, right? It’s fun, and silly, and a great way to mess with your boss, I’d bet. “Hey, my Mac is all broken; come give it a look?!”

Via: ComputerWorld

  • AndyJ

    That has been a feature on the Mac for years….also slows down other animated movements besides minimize. Slow news day?

  • Mark Langston

    I just noticed this about a week ago when accidentally hit the Shift key when hitting the spacebar to view an image via QuickView.

    I meant to send in a tip but I figured you guys already knew about this. I didn’t bother trying it on minimizing stuff but it’s cool that it works there too.

    I tried it when using Mission Control but it doesn’t work as well as each “desktop” disappears while the next one slides into view. Also have to make sure that your cursor isn’t over an open window as the soft, blue highlight doesn’t go away.

    Basically don’t do it with Mission Control/Spaces, just use it for minimizing and QuickView (although it works okay in LaunchPad too though a little jittery).

  • lolwut

    This has been around since 10.3, but thanks for the 11 year old tip

  • Nick

    There are tribes in the heart of the Amazon rainforest that have only had the briefest of encounters with civilisation, and yet even they know this.

  • Dilbert Adams

    Some of us are new to the Mac and appreciate all of the old tips. It’s cool that it works in reverse too.

  • JeffyTheQuick

    Next up…

    The next generation of iMacs will have an Intel CPU, and run a UNIX type O/S!

    • Robert Trance


    • Marcus Winchester

      Well, the Intel iMacs came back in 2006 and we knew that OSX would be a UNIX based operating system back in 1999 so yep, thats new

  • Robert Trance

    Sooooo useless…

  • Barrett Jasper

    couple years now at least….