Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley Poster Pays Homage To Steve Jobs



This image showing aspiring Silicon Valley legends sure looks… familiar.

Don’t worry, though: this isn’t the cover of a strikingly original new Samsung biography, but rather a teaser poster for Mike Judge’s upcoming HBO comedy series, Silicon Valley.

Borrowing its iconic pose from the 2006 Albert Watson portrait of Steve Jobs commissioned by Fortune magazine and used for the cover of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography, the poster references Jobs as the ultimate example of the startup-founder-made-good.

Silicon Valley debuts at 10pm on April 6. Hoping to be viewed as Entourage for the startup scene, it promises to take viewers inside a fictionalized Silicon Valley, complete with plenty of in-jokes and cameos from real-life high tech players.

As you can see from the below trailer, it actually looks pretty great:

Source: Entertainment Weekly