Disney’s New App Lets You Stream All The Movies You Own To Your iPad



Anyone who’s done their time babysitting knows the pain of kids wanting to watch the same Disney movie over, and over, and over, all in one day. To make Little Mermaid marathons that much easier/bearable, Disney’s got a new iOS app that lets you watch all your Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies from anywhere without using iTunes.

By linking up with your iTunes ID, the aptly titled Disney Movies Anywhere detects which Disney films you’ve purchased on iTunes and makes them available to you wherever you go with your iPhone or iPad, freeing you from DVDs and large movie files.

The app boasts a collection of over 400 titles with more to come. Parents concerned their kids will binge too much on Disney magic can use the parental controls features to limit viewing to certain devices and times.

Disney fans with a massive DVD or BluRay collection can also view  digital version by entering in the digital copy code imprinted on discs, or you can buy new movies directly from the app for around $19.99 per film.

To welcome new users, Disney is giving a free copy of The Incredibles to anyone who links up their iTunes ID to the app and  you also get access to deleted scenes and extra features for each movie that will keep your kind entertained until they pass out from Disney exhaustion.

Source: iTunes