Launches In-Browser Photo Editor, But Why?


Between your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac, it’s hard to imagine a time when you’d be online and need to edit a photo, but somehow not have access to an app like Snapseed (which has its own browser version BTW).

But should you find yourself trapped at a PC, while nestled deep in bowels of a government building that has confiscated your iPhone and iPad at the gate (to be root-kitted and infected with spyware no doubt), and with a desperate need to add some pop to that cute cat photo you found, then head for

The web-app is basic, but clean and easy-to-use. Once you have loaded a picture, you can crop and rotate, or basic color adjustments like temperature, curves, brightness, saturation and so on. It’ll load JPG, PNG and BMP images, and works on the desktop as well as iOS.

In theory at least. While you can load pictures in on your iPad, the adjustment tools are clearly designed for a mouse. You can stab your way to an edited image, but not if you manage to crash mobile Safari first.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. As I said, you can do this in an app, and do it better. Even the built-in Photos app has basic (and good) adjustments. I’ll be a lot more interested when RAW support gets added, which is – apparently – on the way.