Transloader 2.0 Lets You Browse For Files On iOS, Then Download To Your Mac



Transloader 2 is an update to the very handy iOS/Mac utility that lets you browse the web on your iPhone or iPad, and have any files you want to grab downloaded to your Mac, automagically. V2.0 gets an overhauled design, but otherwise keeps performing the same useful service as before.

The Mac app is $5, and the iOS app is free. All you need to do is to paste a URL into the iOS app and it’ll be shared with its Mac counterpart via iCloud. Then the file will be automatically downloaded and sit waiting for you back at your Mac. Or you could have you Mac set up to auto-process files that arrive in your downloads folder, sending music and movies to iTunes, for example, or auto-opening torrent files.

I used to use Dropbox for something similar, opening downloaded files from Mobile Safari in the iOS Dropbox app. This was fine for small downloads, but bad for big files (for reasons of both time and bandwidth). Now I won’t have to worry about either.

Both apps are available to download now.

Source: Mac App Store