Folderol Colorizes Finder Folders With Drag’n’Drop



Sick of all those boring blue folders that crowd your Finder windows? I know I am. I can barely copy a file without my eyes starting to cross, my breathing slowing and the tendrils of sleep starting to soothe my brain. What you and I need is Folderol, a $1 Mac app that lets you change the colors of your folders by drag and drop.

The default colors match your Finder labels/tags, and you just pick one, and then drag the boring blue folder of your choice onto Folderol’s window. That’s it. The folder is transformed as if had somehow been touched by colorful rainbow magic, and now stands out from its less interesting brothers and sisters.

Don’t like the regular Mavericks tags colors? No problem. You can pick your own. I fancy making my Finder over using Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized theme, and if I get bored looking at my icons later today, I’ll do just that.

Folderol, by Erica Sadun, is available now.

Source: Mac App Store

  • MrsCleaver

    Sooooo, based on this review, I bought the program folderol. Cute, but not ready for prime time. It’s fiddly. Open the app, choose a color (why doesn’t folderol already know the label color?) then drag and drop a folder on it. The operation should be MUCH easier than that. And when you’re done, while the folder has a color, it’s lost its shading and shadowing. No skeuomorphism any more. That fine if you like “flat”,as in iOS 7, but I don’t

    As for applying label colors to files and aliases, forget it. Too many hoops to jump through, including renaming the alias, and renaming it again later if you want to return to another color. For files, the author says, “Go ahead and try if you want to.” Huh?

    It’s too bad Apple itself makes it so hard to color a folder that someone has to write an app to do it. That said, the long-defunct Labels X, from the defunct Unsanity Software, was the best a coloring folders and files. Mountain Lion broke Unsanity’s useful hacks, or “haxies” for good.

    Folderol was only a buck, so no harm done. That’s a fifth of a tall Starbucks flavored coffee, or a fourth of a couple of pieces of decent sushi. But it’s a buck I wish I had back.