Readability Gets Background Updates, iOS 7 Styling



Readability, the oft-overlooked but competent rival to Instapaper and Pocket, has reached v2.0, and added an iOS 7 makeover, plus a few neat new features.

Readability lets you save an article to read later, just like Pocket and Instapaper, saving it offline in your iDevice for perusal at the time of your choosing. The new version gets some flat styling to match the rest of your iPhone or iPad’s OS, supports 64-bit chips (the A7) and can now refresh itself in the background so all your articles are ready to read immediately you launch the app.

Why bother with this over one of the other apps, though? Well, there are two things that set Readability apart. One is the Safari browser extension, which lets you “read now” as well as read later. This is like Safari’s own reader view, which removes all the clutter from a page leaving just the article text and pictures. Unlike Safari’s own reader, though, this works on any page, and has customizable fonts.

The second special power is sending to your Kindle. Instapaper does a terrible job of this, and Pocket doesn’t even bother. Readability not only sends digests to your Kindle, but also lets you send an article straight to your e-reader from the Safari extension. There are other ways to do this, but why not have an all-in-one solution?

Absurdly, I currently run both Pocket and Instapaper in parallel. Instapaper is better for reading, but Pocket is better integrated with things like IFTTT. Now I might add Readability to the mix. Available now.

Source: Readability Blog