Secure Your iPhone 5/5S With The Sleek iPhone 5/5s Protection Bundle [Deals]



If you’ve wanted to protect your iPhone 5 without compromising its form factor, then this Cult of Mac Deals promotion is for you.

The unique clasp locking system of the Leverage i5 was inspired by high-end watch clasps, and the metal latch and lever system are built to last. Plus, with its integrated buttons, the case never gets in the way. This bundle also comes with three interchangeable backplates – flat (normal), headphone wrap, and credit card holder (for 1–4 cards) – that add functionality, but only when you need it.

And you can have The Sleek iPhone 5/5S Protection Bundle for just $39.99.

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.

Functional iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but the Leverage case, designed by Graft Concepts,  adds a sexy factor that we rarely see. The metal clasp locking system is sleek, durable, and opens smoothly, so you can swap out the backplates with ease.

The top features of this package include:

  • Easy Removal and Installation: No brute force or screws required
  • Credit Card Holder Backplate: Fits 1–4 cards, slim profile
  • Headphone Wrap Backplate: Manages your headphones on the go, slim profile

To review everything you’ll receive in this package, along with device compatibility and important reminders, visit the Deals page.

With its understated and yet elegant design, this case will make your phone pop. And the price simply can’t be beat. Save 42% and get The Sleek iPhone 5/5S Protection Bundle for only $39.99 from Cult of Mac Deals today!